ADHD Treatment Holly Springs, North Carolina

Does your child experience difficulty when it comes to following directions? Do they have a hard time paying attention during school? Finishing tasks? Do you have a hard time concentrating or focusing? Worried that you or a loved one may have ADHD? Looking for ADHD treatment in Holly Springs, North Carolina or the surrounding areas? Cana Psychiatric Health would be happy to help. We provide ADHD treatment in Holly Springs, the Research Triangle, Raleigh, Durham along with the surrounding North Carolina communities. Ready to get started? Simply contact Cana Psychiatric Health today.

What Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (more commonly referred to as ADHD) is a mental health condition which causes difficulties paying attention and controlling behavior. Although ADHD is most commonly diagnosed in patients that are children, it can occur throughout teenage years into adulthood as well. ADHD cannot be cured, however, putting a treatment plan, education plan and medication in place can help manage the symptoms of the condition.

ADHD Psychotherapy

When it comes to the treatment of ADHD, psychotherapy can be highly important for the patient and their family. During therapy, patients and their loved ones can gain better insight about their condition, the associated symptoms and what can be done to help the patient thrive with the condition. In some cases, patients may be referred to another specialist to receive more in-depth psychotherapy services.

ADHD Medication Management

Along with psychotherapy for ADHD, medication is another important part of treatment. There are various medications which can be used in the treatment of ADHD, including stimulants and non-stimulant medication. Medication management can help monitor the patient, their progress with medication and any side effects that may occur. Your mental health professional can help determine the best medication regime for your exact needs, ensuring your ability to thrive with the disorder.

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