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Office Policies


Monday Thru Thursday: 7:30a to 5:00p

Friday 8:00a to 2:00p

Closed on Weekends 

1. Appointments:

  • It is the responsibility of the patient to maintain their scheduled appointments.
  • If the patient arrives more than 15 min after the start of the appointment, they will not be able to be seen and will need to reschedule.
  • If a patient “no shows” their appointment or cancels their appointment less than 24 hours in advance or two consecutive appointments, then he or she may be discharged and welcome to continue their care at other behavioral healthcare practice

All appointments must be canceled by giving us at least 48hours’ notice excluding weekends. There is a $75.00 charge for appointments that are not canceled within 24hours’ notice, as well as for no-show appointments. For Example, if your appiotment is on a Monday, leaving the clinic a message on a Sunday is not considered sufficient notice, as we are closed on the weekend. We understand Emergencies do occur!

To promote health care accessibility for all patients, and provide good services to all. We maintain a waitlisting, which is significantly impacted when notices aren’t given timely, we appreciate that all of our patients follow our clinic policy.

2. Prescriptions: Medications are prescribed during appointments ONLY

  • If you are in need of a medication refill, be sure to check with your pharmacy first to see if you have any refills left on file. 
  • A Reminder to always schedule your follow-up appointments before your medications run outs- PLAN AHEAD!
  • Prescriptions cannot be changed via telephone or email. You must also make an appointment for any change in medication.
  • You understand that if you are unable to wait for your scheduled appiotment to discuss your care with your provider, you are welcome to call our office staff to put your name on the waiting list for a possible earlier appointment, However for emergencies issues please refer to our policy above.
  • Prescriptions requiring prior authorization from insurance can require an additional 72 hours to complete.
  • Control Medications Such as Stimulants Are only prescribed on appiotment- Please schedule and plan accordingly


3. Correspondence:

  • Due to increases in the amount of records processing and documentation required; we must impose a fee for each letter’s emails, forms, and phone calls to providers.
  • Please allow 14-21 business days for the completion of letters and paperwork related to patient care.
  • Emails are not HIPAA compliant. Please call the front desk with any concerns you may have.

4. Messages:

  • Please leave messages for providers with administrative staff or leave in the form of a voicemail on the confidential practice voicemail.
  • Please allow the office administrator 72 hours to return your message.

5. Insurance:

  • Cana Psychiatric Health is in-network with BCBS, CIGNA, AETNA, United Health, Oscar, Medicare, and many more; be sure to confirm with our staff and/ your insurance if we are in-network.
  • Patients without health insurance and patients with an insurance carrier that is out of network will be considered self-pay
  • If the patient/guardian should elect to file a claim with his or her insurance carrier to seek reimbursement a copy of the required information will be given to the patient.

6. Referrals:

  • If an insurance company requires a referral for office visits it is the patient’s responsibility to obtain this information. Please check with your insurance provider before your visit.

7. Becoming our Patient

Receiving Care from any of our providers, within the first three visits does not automatically make our providers your primary psychiatric Health Providers as this is time both patients and providers get to understand our services and treatment recommendation to know if it is a good fit for both.

8. Fees / Payment:

  • No Show fee is $75.00
  • Less than 24-hour cancellation is $75.00
  • Letters, Emails, and forms: please note that certain forms can only be completed for established patients according to our policies including FMLA- Please call the office directly to inquire about your specific needs and fees associated with this service as the fee may range from $35 to $150 excluding mailing for this services. We Do Not Provide ESA letters.
  • All copays/coinsurance are due at the time of the appointment.
  • Payment in full is due at the time of the appointment.
  • Cana Psychiatric Health accepts major credit cards, debit cards.
  • Patients with deductibles and coinsurance will receive a bill. Payment is due upon the date of services and bill, please refer to our payment policy.
  • If the patient is a minor, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian accompanying the minor for payment.
  • If an unaccompanied minor comes in without written consent by their parent or guardian services will be denied until it is received.

9. Cana Psychiatric Health only provides scheduled outpatient services, we do not Provide Urgent Care/ Emergency Room Services, If you are suicidal or experiencing any medical/ or Psychiatric Emergency including Suicidal, You must contact 911 or VISIT Emergency Room Directly.

10. A Protected Health Information Release must be completed by the patient and /or guarantor before any records are released from Cana Psychiatric Health.

  • This includes information from coordinating care with other providers, sharing information with spouses, parents of patients over the age of 18. Please allow 14-30 business days for records to be sent. Please note that there is a processing fee charge for this service.

11. Confidentiality:

Practitioners will not share any personal information without written consent except when required by law. Practitioners will be required to release in the following situations:

  • A formal court order to release information is received.
  • Child or elder abuse is occurring or there is a reason to suspect that it is occurring.
  • A serious threat to harm yourself, others or property is present.

12. When Additional Information is requested from you as the patient, including EKG, Psychological testing reports, and or laboratory results, etc, the Facility must fax your results directly to Cana Psychiatric Health Fax# 919-415-1216- Attention Records: We Do not take Patient medical results, records or reports directly from the patients so please do not email us or send your records to us directly.

We look forward to serving you!