Bipolar Disorder Treatment Peoria, Arizona

Do you experience episodes of extreme highs that come with an increase in energy and lack for the need for sleep? Do these highs get followed by severe lows, making it almost impossible to function through day-to-day life? You may suffer from a mental health condition known as bipolar disorder. At Cana Psychiatric Health, we proudly offer bipolar disorder treatment in Peoria, Arizona and the surrounding areas.

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder, known as manic depression in the past, is a mental health condition that causes the patient to have extreme low and severe high moods, along with changes in behavior, thinking, energy and even sleep. Patients that suffer from bipolar disorder have high periods, known as mania or hypomania, typically categorized by feeling overly happy and energized. These patients also suffer from low periods known as depression, typically categorized by feelings of sadness, hopelessness and fatigue. In between these episodes, patients with bipolar disorder typically feel normal. These two “poles” of the disorder are why they call it “bipolar” disorder.

Bipolar Disorder Medication Management

When it comes to the treatment of bipolar disorder, medication is almost always recommended for the patient. Mood stabilizers and antipsychotic drugs are most commonly used in the treatment of bipolar disorder and can help to stabilize the moods of the patient. Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications may also be used during treatment to address additional symptoms.

Bipolar Disorder Therapy Peoria

Along with medication, psychotherapy is also highly recommended for patients that suffer from bipolar disorder. Therapy such as cognitive behavioral, family and even psychoeducation can be extremely helpful. Along with therapy, certain lifestyle changes such as eating schedules, sleep routines and even journaling may be recommended. These changes can help provide more stability as well. In certain situations, patients may be referred to another mental health professional for in-depth therapy services.

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