Medication Management Holly Springs, North Carolina

Do you experience frequent anxiety or suffer from panic attacks? Does your loved one experience hallucinations? Mood swings? Paranoia? Do you feel depressed since having your baby? Having a difficult time concentrating? Can’t complete tasks? Have you been diagnosed with a mental health condition in the past? Interested in medication to help improve your mental health? Cana Psychiatric Health provides medication management in Holly Springs and the surrounding areas of North Carolina. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, we’re always welcoming new patients.

About Our Holly Springs Medication Management 

At Cana Psychiatric Health we believe a two-pronged approach to mental health is the best way to do things. We recommend psychotherapy along with the use of medication. Medication management is recommended due to the fact medications can have a wide range of side effects, ranging from minor to much more serious.

We provide medication management for patients in Holly Springs, along with Raleigh, Durham, the Research Triangle and surrounding areas of North Carolina. Contact us today to get started with medication management.

Why Medication Management?

As mentioned above, when it comes to mental health medications, a range of symptoms and side effects can occur. We understand that each patient and medication is different and that they require close monitoring for the best results during your treatment.

What About Therapy/Alternative Treatment Options?

A two-pronged approach to mental health conditions is always recommended at Cana Psychiatric Health. Along with medication management, psychotherapy such as cognitive behavioral, motivational or even support therapy may be recommended.

In certain situations, a patient may be referred to another mental health professional for more in-depth therapy services.

Start Medication Management in Holly Springs, NC Today

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