Psychotherapy Peoria, Arizona

Do you or a loved one have a difficult time concentrating? Can’t accomplish tasks? Do you find yourself feeling low, helpless and empty? Do you suffer from mood swings? Find your mood changing with the seasons? Have you been diagnosed with a mental health condition in the past? Considering psychotherapy in Peoria, Arizona? We would be happy to help and offer psychotherapy such as motivational, supportive and cognitive behavioral to those in our community.

About Our Peoria Psychotherapy Options

At Cana Psychiatric Health, we provide various psychotherapy options, including:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy which is designed to improve overall mental health by focusing on changing unhelpful thoughts and behaviors while improving emotional regulation and the development of personal coping strategies.

Supportive Therapy

Supportive therapy is a form of psychotherapy which integrates various approaches to provide therapeutic support for the patient. Components from cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, conceptual and psychodynamic techniques are included. Supportive psychotherapy aims to improve, sustain and reinforce self-reliance, self-esteem and personal well-being.

Motivational Therapy

Motivational therapy is a form of psychotherapy which is utilized for patients that suffer from severe mental health conditions or those that are struggling to find the motivation to adhere to therapy, treatment or even medication. Motivational therapy aims to improve motivation when it comes to mental health treatment in general.

In certain situations, patients may be referred to another mental health professional for in-depth therapy services.

What About Medication Management Options?

When it comes to treating mental health conditions/ailments, a two-pronged approach to care should usually be taken. Along with psychotherapy services, medication may also be recommended depending upon the patient and exact situation. Combining counseling along with medication management can increase the success of a patient during their mental health journey.

Start Psychotherapy in Peoria, AZ Today

Do you suffer from depression, a mood disorder or even ADHD? Are you considering psychotherapy to help address your mental health condition? Interested in scheduling an appointment for psychotherapy in Peoria, Arizona? Contact Cana Psychiatric Health today, we’ll get you added to our schedule.